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Mastering the Homestead Mindset

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Have you ever read about a project and thought you understood how to do it only to find out you need to understand a detail better? This is when the mastermind group can come to the rescue. No one is an expert on everything, so being able to tap into that pool of knowledge is indispensable. The Homestead Journal brings you the most intriguing homesteading content from a group large enough to be able to find an expert on the areas where you need help.

We know how overwhelming a day of homesteading can be. It's nice to be able to ask a question about sprinklers or gardening today and solar panels or chicken fodder tomorrow.

The Homestead Mastermind Journal and group puts you in direct communication with others sharing their solutions and experiences. We decided to launch The Homestead Journal magazine to share this useful, real time information with you.  Sign up today for your FREE issue!

New Articles every month covering

  • Digital homesteading
  • Homestead theory
  • Health and wellness
  • Projects/experiment
  • Urban homesteading 

Telegram Mastermind group

  •  Brain Storm Solutions.
  •  Over 50 engaged Homesteaders like you.
  •  Diverse experiences.
  •  Other perspectives.
  •  Advice when you need it.

Master the Homestead Mindset

  • Communities not isolated farms.
  • Don't just learn skills-pass them on.
  • Extend systems to connect them.
  • Homesteading is more than farming.
  • Work with nature not against it.

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